Saturday, January 3, 2009

Rose Bowl is estimated to generate 58 million to Pasedena

According to a study that was done by the USC Marshall School of Business, the Rose Bowl is estimated to bring in an additional 58 million dollars to the economy of Pasadena. The study indicates that of the 58 million:

  • 5.6 million dollars will go directly to the city of Pasadena in tax revenue.

  • 30.6 million will come from ticket revenue, direct spending by game attendees, corporate sponsors and other sources related directly to the game.

  • $20 million will be generated from the game in indirect revenues, such as sales tax, hotel taxes, and other taxes.

The study is the first to calculate the effects of the game solely on Pasadena's economy, rather than on the larger county economy, said Darryl Dunn, general manager of the Rose Bowl. Since the governor of California has gone on record as saying that the state will run out of money in 60 days, the additional 20 million dollars is not going to put a dent in an expected deficit of 42 billion dollars by 2010. However, something is better than nothing.

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