Saturday, September 6, 2008

An Analysis of the Candidates Tax Plans

More analysis on the candidate's tax plans.

The Rhetoric and the Reality
A political convention is a license if not to lie then at least to tell the truth creatively. At their quadrennial gatherings over the last two weeks, Democrats and Republicans presented their records and their platforms — and those of their opponents — through typically partisan lenses that blurred or distorted the real picture.

Comparing the McCain and Obama tax plans
Mickey Hepner The Edmond Sun
Now that the political conventions have ended it is official, the next president will be either Barack Obama or John McCain. During the next two months we will hear a lot about these two candidates, but few issues better illustrate the differences in these two candidates than their tax plans.

More reading on the tax plans.

Exposing Five Dangerous Lies in McCain's Big Speech
. Posted September 6, 2008.
False McCain Claim: "My health care plan will make it easier for more Americans to find and keep good health care insurance."
Facts: McCain's Health Care Plan Does Little to Reduce the Ranks of America's Uninsured and Would Erode the Employer-Based System

Obama Claims 'Nobody Disputes' Disputed Tax Cut Claim
September 05, 2008
"Let me tell you my plan," Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, told some employees of the SCHOTT glass company in Duryea, Pa., earlier today. "Ninety-five percent of Americans would get a tax cut under my proposal."

Obama Economic Advisor Goes on Offense Against McCain
A top economic advisor to Sen. Barack Obama cited stark differences between the Democratic presidential candidate’s plan for the economy and that of Republican rival Sen. John McCain on Friday, expressing confidence that voters will side with Obama on what is likely the top issue in the November elections.

The Tax-Cut Frame: Both sides pander
We've heard a shared refrain from Democrats and Republicans alike over the past couple of weeks: We need tax cuts. Sure, there are differences. One's for "middle-class tax cuts." The other promotes "pro-growth tax cut.

The Candidates On Taxes
They may paint themselves as agents for a new, more bipartisan attitude in Washington, but John McCain and Barack Obama both tend to adhere to their parties' usual approaches to tax policy.

Palin Boosted Oil-Company Taxes While Alaska Had Budget Surplus
By Alison Fitzgerald
Sept. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who has joined the Republican national ticket as a tax-cutter, was a driving force in raising a tax on oil companies last year that will help swell the state's budget surplus.

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